In Malaysia, a F1 hybrid called Eksotika II was developed from hybridisation. The hybrid released in
1991, has similar features to Eksotika I, but the yield is 14 - 33% higher due to the larger fruit weighing
between 600 – 800 g. The appearance of the fruit is more attractive, with smooth skin and high
tolerance to freckles. The flesh is firmer and the fruit stores longer, making Eksotika II more preferred
than its predecessor for export.

Sekaki also known as ‘Hong Kong' is the second most popularly cultivated variety in Malaysia after
Eksotika. It is a cross-pollinated variety and a prolific bearer (60-70 tonnes/ha/year) with medium sized
fruit of 1.5 – 2 kg.  Sekaki fruit is attractive with smooth, even-coloured and freckle-free skin. The flesh
is red, firm but sugar content is not high at 10 ºBrix or less.

Exotica/Hong Kong